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getting from place to place in ariège

In Ariège, various means of transport are at your disposal for getting around the territory, from a bicycle to an electric car, with a train to take you to the cities of Toulouse, Barcelona or Paris.

Transport services

Enjoy the benefits of a railway line that crosses Ariège. It can take you from Toulouse city centre as far as Latour-de-Carol. From there you can travel to the city of Barcelona by rail.

There is also “Le Parisien”, the night-train that runs every night to Paris. Take the train in the evening and wake up in Austerlitz station, Paris!

In the town-centres you can make use of local buses to make your daily trips.

Opt for soft mobility

Getting around sustainably is easy here!

You will be able to turn to car-sharing for your journeys, thanks to a number of dedicated websites and specially developed meeting and parking areas.

Electric cars have made a hit in Ariège. The département has and is continuing to install a number of charging stations in its towns and villages.

There are several local initiatives, for example in Saint-Girons where eight electrically assisted bicycles have been made available to the inhabitants free of charge for trips in and around the town.

Appy: the village 100% equipped with electric cars

Appy is the first village in France where the cars are 100% electric. It was selected for the conducting of an experiment: all the inhabitants will have the use of an electric car for their daily journeys over the next three years. Proof that electric transport can also suit mountain villages.

And the car is not an automatic choice: the département has two green trails, so that you can make your journeys on foot or by bicycle!

  • p3-mobility-in-ariege
  • p3-mobility-in-ariege
  • p3-mobility-in-ariege
  • p3-mobility-in-ariege


car-sharing rallying points
public charging stations
for electric cars

mobility in ariège


  • The website of the SNCF, France’s national railway operator


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