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The Agence Ariège Attractivité is launching a call for projects* aimed at self-employed people and creators of new companies, in order to welcome them in its territory in the near future. With a total amount of more than 85,000 euros in assistance, advice and financing, the agency and its partners are ready to support about fifteen start-up projects over six months.

  • You have a professional project? ? You want to develop your activity in a département that is ready to help you get off the ground? You have just created your business? You want to develop your company in an area with a close and friendly community?
  • In need of assistancesupportencouragement in your project?
  • Are you looking for a locality suitable for your activity? ?

Apply to join us on the Mountain Pastures for Opportunities!

The way up to the mountain pastures* is a path traditionally fraught with difficulties, which, transposed to the starting of a business, conjures up the idea of an exploration of construction with support from helpful professionals. We are also going to turn it into an exploration of meetings and exchanges with a “Transhumance*” week-end in June 2021, which will allow you to ensure a good ascent with key people, models for enterprise and success.

Determine your future

« Mountanin Pastures of Opportunities» will be an opportune moment for innovation, creation and new contacts, to give a boost to your start-up project, which we hope to organize in Ariège and preferably in Haute-Ariège. Setting up a business is an adventure that can prove risky, decidedly so, with a success rate of 50%.

Doing so with accredited support provided by a multidisciplinary team, from Ariège and elsewhere, that we propose to you, inspired by visionary independent workers or company employees (in some cases already established in Ariège), rooted in their values and localities, a sign of promise and assurance for your business project.

What we offer to prospective business creators:

A walk to the Mountain Pastures of Opportunity to experience the adventure of the Transhumance**

Register on-line to benefit from six onths of back-up.

Once selected, each project will receive support provided by academic, management and start-up professionals, a training programme and meetings devoted to the project. You will follow a tailor-made scheme managed on line via our portal. You can receive financing for your project and help with your communications.. Over the course of a few months of assistance from your mentor, you will have put together a team that will enable you tomake the most of your establishment in our region and appreciate your success.

Caption *The walk up to the mountain pastures is a significant event in the mountain tradition. The livestock is accompanied on the way up to greener and lusher pastures, in what is also a highly convivial occasion where people come together and share this important moment of the year when winter draws to an end. The ascent to the summer pastures is sometimes long and difficult but it leaves a lasting memory.

Dates : “Mountain Pastures for Opportunities”, a call for projects*, will take place from December 2020 to June 2021, when the induction week-end takes place.

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