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The mountains and wild natural landscapes appeal to you more than the big cities and you’re considering looking towards a down-scaled people-friendly world for your first professional experience. You want to complete your further studies and envisage specialized training leading to careers in tourism, teaching, rural development, digital technology, healthcare and social work or commerce.

Come to a region that will turn your ambitions into reality.

Ariège is an unspoilt territory that identifies strongly with an industry of craft production, together with an agriculture that is largely oriented towards produce of the mountains. Today, new sectors such as tourism and digital technology are really taking off. To encourage this development, there is a wealth of training opportunities that draws students from across the world.

Since the autumn of 2020, the Ariège university centre has been a connected campus. The students can follow many training courses through distance learning while benefiting from ample professional support.

Proof that digital and unspoilt worlds can perfectly well coexist! !

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    Centre Universitaire Ariege 1
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    Centre Universitaire Ariege 2
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    Centre Universitaire Ariege 3

A number of establishments are ready to put you onto a good footing:

  • 4 general and technological lycées
  • 1 agricultural lycée
  • 6 professional lycées
  • 1 university centre
  • 2 training centres
  • 1 nursing care training institute


per classe on average
training centers
for post-baccalauréat and professional training


photo de William


Once I’d finished my studies, I easily got a permanent job!



“On completing my basic education, I took an interest in welding and employment in industry. So I opted for a professional baccalauréat, “Industrial Sheet Metal Working Technician”, at the Philippe Tissié lycée in Saverdun. I discovered a true vocation and the numerous work placement opportunities provided enabled me to acquire specific expertise and skills in the field.

Once I’d finished my studies, I easily got a permanent job! I joined a company specialized in producing and transforming materials, as an ultrasound operator. This job offers me real development prospects and allows me to reach my full potential in the industrial field!”

Photo of Axelle


“My two years studying for my master’s degree were the best years of my education.”



After graduation from the University of Toulouse II Le Mirail in Toulouse, I opted for a master’s in the teaching professions at the Robert Naudi university centre in Foix. My two years studying for my master’s degree were the best years of my education. The natural surroundings of the campus offered us a tranquil environment to work in and a lovely view from our classrooms.

The lecturers and management staff are readily available and attentive to our needs and this proximity was very important for me! A thriving social life is assured by a range of cultural and sporting activities and the dynamism of the students’ association.

I can say that my university course in Ariège allowed me to succeed in my studies in complete confidence thanks to individual monitoring and the site’s reassuring environment. In short, I wish everyone the chance of doing their studies in such conditions!


  • Professional Training Centre
    Courses in running hotels and restaurants, the food industry, the automotive sector, construction, commerce and services.
  • Careers and Qualifications Campus for Pyrenean Tourism
    Train for a career in the tourism sector in the Pyrenean mountains.


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